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Important notice about forgeries of the 3DS Save Editors

Thank you for your interest in our products.
During a recent investigation, we have found forgeries of the 3DS Save Editor are being sold in various markets . This forgery has not been produced by us, and it infringes on the intellectual property right including copyright and trademark of Cyber Gadget.

We have therefore modified our server code to detect those forgery and block further access to the 3DS-SE server. The new server code came into effect as of 25 February, 2016. The new server code continues to accept all legitimate device however it blocks the forgery and returns the error code 「使用権限がありません。 Error3005」, the forged devices will never work again on our server.

Although we can sympathize with people who have inadvertently purchased one of these Forgeries, we hope you understand, these are not our product, therefore, we are unable to repair or replace them. Owners of the forged devices should take them back to where you got it from and ask for a refund or ensure you get a legitimate product.

If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of the 3DS-SE you are buying then you can refer to the following guide which explains the differences between the forgeries and authentic units.

March 4.2016 CYBER Gadget Corporation.

How to distinguish the clone.

Left:Authentic / Right:Forgeries


1-1 : Color

Forgery’s grey color is lighter, and the text 「3DS用ゲームのセーブデータを」and「パソコンで編集します」 are not clear.

正規品と模倣品のパッケージ 文字の比較
Up:Authentic / Bottom:Forgeries

1-2 : Sticker

Forgery’s sticker is more orange color.

正規品と模倣品のパッケージ シールのオレンジの色比較
Left:Authentic / Right:Forgeries

(2)Disclaimer sticker


Forgery’s font is thinner. 「製品」
Forgery’s font is different. 「販」 and 「返」

正規品と模倣品の封印シール フォント、漢字の比較
Up:Authentic / Bottom:Forgeries

For users who already purchased the product.

If you have the product and are getting the Error3005, you can also make the following checks.

(1)Card reader

Logo mark : Forgery’s font is different.

Left:Authentic / Right:Forgeries


The original PCB has space at the edge where patterns are not printed.

Left:Authentic / Right:Forgeries

Inquiries . Report of Forgeries

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